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Paige Mathison

Empowering | Educational | Entertaining

About Paige

Paige Mathison is a dynamic motivational speaker known for her unique blend of educational, empowering, and entertaining approaches to public speaking. Having graced stages since the age of 5, Paige possesses a rare talent for addressing difficult and complex topics with a remarkable ease that resonates deeply with her audience. Her journey in the world of public speaking spans a diverse range of experiences, including competitive, professional, and purely for fun engagements.

Each presentation is meticulously crafted to leave a lasting impact, combining her extensive stage experience with a deep understanding of human emotions and psychology. Her speeches are not just talks; they are performances that captivate and connect with people from all walks of life. Paige's style is a delicate balance of humor and seriousness, ensuring that her audience is not only educated and enlightened but also feels empowered and uplifted.

Professional Background


Clinical Counsellor



Psychiatric Nurse



Workshop Facilitator



Stand Up Comedian



Company Founder


Relevant Experience

  • Guest Speaker College Courses
  • Guest Speaker for Fundraisers
  • Live Show Host on Unicorns Live (Wellbeing Wednesday)
  • Co-Host of Dating Pirates (YouTube)
  • Wellness Education for Organizations
  • Laughter Therapy Facilitator
  • Comedian (Feature & Headliner)
  • Comedy Show Host
  • Master of Ceremonies for Wellness Events
  • Retreat Workshops & Chats
  • Guest Speaker for Student Program
  • Guest Speaker in Workshops & Classes
  • Podcast & IG Live Guest
  • Wedding & Event Singer
  • Karaoke Hostess
  • Teaching Swimming Lessons (Children & Adults)
  • Poetry Writing & Reciting
  • Singer & Song Writer
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Speaking Services

Keynote & Motivational Speaking

Delivering inspirational or thought-provoking speeches that set the tone for conferences or events.

(Online & In-Person)

Workshops &


Interactive sessions on specific topics where participants can learn new skills or gain knowledge in a particular area.

(Online & In-Person)



Participating as a panelist or moderating discussions on relevant industry topics & providing insight.

(Online & In-Person)

Emcee & Event Hosting

Acting as a master of ceremonies for events, ensuring the program runs smoothly and engaging the audience throughout.

(In-Person Events)

Common Topics

Embracing Joy

  • Laughter Enhancement
  • Increasing Pleasant Emotions
  • Self-Compassion & Gratitude


  • Trauma-Informed Support
  • Building Business Relationships
  • Building Client Relationships

Mental Wellbeing

  • Anxiety & Nervous System Management
  • Burnout Prevention & Management
  • Steps Toward Healing Trauma
  • Personalizing “Self-Care”


  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Young Adults
  • Women in Leadership

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Contact Me

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I have had the pleasure of having Paige Mathison at many of my Chic events, as an incredible speaker, with her insightful and transformative talks, connecting with our audience keeps everyone listening and leaning into her words. Paige has profound wisdom and authenticity that truly set her apart.

Paige has covered a range of topics, from navigating anxiety to uncovering the keys to finding joy in our daily lives at the Chic Retreat. Her sessions have been nothing short of inspiring, providing our attendees with practical tools to enhance their mental well-being. The depth of her knowledge and her compassionate approach create a safe space for open conversations about mental health.

One of Paige's standout sessions was on laughter therapy, where she seamlessly blended humor with therapeutic insights at the Chic Summer Series. The room was filled with infectious laughter, creating an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie that lingered long after the event concluded.

Paige has become a cherished part of our Chic events, and I wholeheartedly recommend Paige for any event seeking a speaker who can not only captivate an audience but also inspire positive change.

Amy Nicole

The Chic Experience

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Having Paige Mathison as a guest speaker for my psych nursing students was an invaluable experience that went beyond our highest expectations. Paige's approach to discussing trauma-informed practice, trauma themes, and therapeutic communication styles was both professional and profoundly engaging. Her ability to weave powerful storytelling with appropriate humor and deep compassion captivated our students from start to finish, making complex topics accessible and deeply impactful.

Paige's vast knowledge and willingness to share an abundance of resources were evident throughout her presentation. Her passion for the subject matter and genuine care for the audience's understanding shone through, leaving a lasting impression on everyone. So much so, that the demand for more of the insights and materials she offered continued well after her speaking engagement had concluded.

What made Paige stand out was not just her expertise but her remarkable ability to connect with the students on a personal level, fostering an environment of empathy and understanding that is crucial in the field of psych nursing. Her presentation was not only educational but also a moving experience that has enriched our students' learning journey.

It was truly an honor to have Paige share her knowledge and experiences with us. Her contribution has not only enhanced our curriculum but has also inspired our students to approach their future practice with a deeper awareness and sensitivity towards trauma-informed care. We are profoundly grateful for the positive impact she has made and look forward to the opportunity to welcome her back in the future.

Sonum Woit

Stenberg College

Didactic Faculty Memember

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Paige Mathison is an excellent communicator! She delivers wisdom filled content with both humour and a contagious energy that lights up any room. Her clinical experience enables her to deliver insightful content that is both relatable and applicable.

Moreover, Paige’s kind heart and authenticity enable her to develop a strong connection with those in attendance. We already have Paige scheduled in for return and highly recommend her as a facilitator.

The Stronger


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Paige is an energetic and enthusiasticperformer with the knowledge and skill to keep an audience engaged. Her unique perspective is always a welcome addition in any setting

David Kopp

Kelowna Comedy Founder